Berlin – Holidays at home

Berlin’s luxury hotels say thank you and offer cheap weekend stays in the capital.

Berlin is as empty as never before. What is missing are the many national and international tourists who visit the capital and make it more lively. Restaurants, museums and the many wonderful attractions that make Berlin worth living and attract millions of tourists every year (in 2019 there were 14 million) are not used by most Berliners, especially during the summer months. More and more Berliners are being drawn abroad in the summer. In 2019, for example, around 69% of the capital’s inhabitants travelled south for their summer holidays.

In 2020, the lack of tourism will be economically noticeable. Already in March, Berlin recorded a decline in tourism of -65.6% (guests and overnight stays). In April, tourism in Berlin came to an almost complete standstill (arrivals: -95.6% and overnight stays: -94.6%).

Since 2010, Berlin’s tourism agency visitBerlin has been committed to make holidays in Berlin more attractive for people already living in the city. At the same time, it is a thank you to the capital’s inhabitants, who share their city with millions of guests every year.

The offer of the “Experience Your City Summer Special” applies to all Berliners and Brandenburgers and invites you to take a short break in the metropolis on the Spree. Relax in a 3-5 star hotel in Berlin for the weekend (optionally from 11th to 12th July or from 18th to 19th July) and at reasonable prices. As an additional special, the Berlin WelcomeBackCard is also available for 2 days (up to 50% discount on participating attractions). For Berliners and Brandenburgers this is a great chance to get to know the capital from a different perspective and to defy the wanderlust.

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