Q & A

What is the Comacon Festival?

The Comacon is an annual fair festival for the creative industries.

How is the festival structured?

The Comacon Festival is divided into two sections. In the B2B area, which is reserved only for visitors with a business ticket, there will be 8 large workshop rooms, a stage and many networking and business areas. Business visitors can also visit the B2C area. The B2C area has a 5000 sqm exhibitor area, a large stage, food and networking areas and an interactive creative space.

What does Comacon cost?

We expect that the business ticket will cost about 350€ net and the visitor ticket about 35€ net. We will only be able to communicate the exact prices shortly before the ticket sale.

Which companies do I expect at the festival?

At the Comacon the most important companies of the creative industry will be represented. In addition to agencies, film production companies or demand, public and private broadcasters, companies from industry, universities and organizations and institutions from public institutions and the Senate will also present themselves.

Which visitors and guests await me at Comacon?

We would like to keep the Comacon Festival open for everyone who is active in the creative industry and works with it.

Which speakers will be on stage?

Our speakers are experienced keynote speakers, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and public figures. The selection process for the speakers is currently underway. We will update our site regularly with the latest speakers.

When does ticket sales start?

We expect the ticket sale to start on 09|01|2020

Will there be food at the festival?

In the B2B area, food and drinks are included in the ticket price until 8pm. All business visitors have first-class catering in the business area, including some alcoholic beverages. Visitors with a standard ticket can enjoy several food courts and a food
Truck Area offers a variety of different dishes and drinks that can be purchased.

What payment options do I have at the festival?

You don’t need to bring any cash. You will receive an NFC festival bracelet on admission with which you can pay at any stand. We will then send you an invoice, which you can pay within 14 days. We are also working on setting up some payment machines on site if you want to settle your bill on site.

What else does the NFC bracelet  serve for?

With your NFC festival bracelet and your app you will receive a lot of personalized information at the festival. At our touch screen counters you can display your favourite events, register for special offers and events or even read out your account balance.

Who can participate in the Afterparty?

Every visitor is invited to the Afterparty. Please note, however, that we only have room for a maximum of 5000 guests in our Creative Space hall for the party. As soon as the room is full we have to close the doors.