So geht Podcast

10.00 AM – 6.00 PM | Podcast  | Hamburg

So geht Podcast

Organizer: Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

In this workshop, you’ll learn what it takes to attract not only an audience but also customers with your own podcast.

A podcast is a great medium for anyone who follows a passion. It’s perfect for creatives who want to break new ground in their PR. What makes web audios interesting is that they have a particularly personal effect. The voice creates closeness and enables spontaneous sympathy. The effort for a recording is kept within limits. In this workshop, you’ll learn what you need to gain an audience – even as a prospective customer.

When you hear the word “podcast,” do you think of regular, subscription-based shows on Spotify and the like? That’s right – but only in part. It can be worthwhile, in order to build trust, to present individual audios on your own website. All the questions you get asked about your work, here’s where you can answer them. Tell what might help your target audience, or conduct interviews on your topic.

In this full-day workshop you can get an overview of the podcast landscape in Germany and listen to current formats. You will get to know tools and simply try out a recording, with small aha effects for every presentation. Audio is gaining popularity on the Internet because we now sometimes prefer to be told something instead of staring at the display. By the way, podcasts also improve Google rankings.

What is the content and what do I learn?

  • What makes a podcast exciting as a medium for your own PR
  • How podcasts reach and win over their listeners
  • An overview of podcasts in Germany and current trends
  • Formats and broadcasting processes
  • How to address the target group personally
  • Simple tools for recording and editing
  • Tips for speaking in front of the microphone and for storytelling

Who is the speaker?

Christiane Zwick has been telling stories from around the world as a reporter for ARD for over 20 years. She has received three journalism awards for her stories. She did PR for a social media company and supports organizations and companies in developing and realizing their own podcast formats.

More information can be found here.

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