BDKV: Lack of perspective in the event industry

BDKV: Lack of perspective in the event industry

The Bundesverband der Konzert- und Veranstaltungswirtschaft e. V. (BDKV) comments on the development of the event industry during the pandemic. It refers to the ifo business climate index, which has dropped from minus 2.2 points to minus 26 points in the course of the last three months alone. The trade fair industry and music venues are particularly threatened.

It is emphasised that the event industry is the sixth largest economic sector in Germany and thus ties up a great deal of capital and creates many jobs. Prof. Jens Michow, President of the BDKV said: “However, when an economic sector is so prominently affected by an economic crisis, a comprehensive special programme tailored to specific needs is required to save its economic survival. (…) The Forum Events Industry has submitted a detailed list of demands to the new government for this purpose.”

For more support and security, it demands that the events industry be provided with a permanent contact person. This should improve the dialogue so that problems can be discussed in more detail and more specific solutions can be found.

Here you can find the press release.


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