Tariq Khan

Tariq Khan is a talented filmmaker and entrepreneur. During the last years, he built up a hugh community for the filmindustry in Germany called Filmemacher Deutschland. In less than 7 years Filmemacher Deutschland has grown up to the largest German-speaking network for filmmakers in Europe. FMD currently has over 26,000 active users in the group and 70,000 fans on its fan page. FMD uses its strong reach to strengthen and support the community. In addition to the community, Filmemacher Deutschland as a company implements projects for major industrial customers. He describes his company Filmemacher Deutschland as an online company, which unites ambitious filmmakers from the young generation as well as the professional sector and connects them with interesting projects of companies, brands and other potential customers. Whether art film, advertising, image film, photography, short film, music video and much more – everything that has to do with film and photography finds its place at Filmemacher Deutschland.