Berlin Design Week 2021

All Day | Design | Hybrid

Organizer: state of Design UG

Every spring, the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK presents new approaches to thinking and design that envision and shape our future. Design is seen as a response to societal and ecological change, underscoring its vital role in addressing the great challenges of our time. Business, research and decision-makers need the creative power of design, its fresh ideas, new strategies and concepts for a changing society and vice versa.

TOPIC: “NEW Traditions”

The topic of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK 2021 is “NEW TRADITIONS”. Designers, design studios, design collectives, design labels, companies, agencies and institutions can register for participation. From May 27th – June 06th, BERLIN DESIGN WEEK 2021 will feature a program of exhibitions, showrooms, workshops and the OPEN STUDIO NIGHTS. With cautious optimism, an event with fewer restrictions is being prepared. In any case, the extensive program will be presented live and online to reach a wide audience. Currently, new concepts for an interactive get together in persona and online are being developed.

To participate click here.

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