Berlin leuchtet (Berlin illuminated) – A Good Cause

The association Berlin leuchtet e.V., which was founded in 2013, follows the tradition of the festival initiated 10 years ago by the City Foundation Berlin and now well known. Every year, more and more artists from national and international countries take part in the projections of the light spectacle and let more and more buildings in Berlin shine. The association is supported by members from now 600 companies and private individuals.

Berlin leuchtet (Berlin illuminated) – A Good Cause

When it gets dark in autumn, Berlin begins to glow. This year, for the 8th time already, Berlin leuchtet makes  famous buildings and even train stations shine in a blaze of light. From 25.09. to 04.10.2020, creative and innovative, internationally outstanding developments and achievements of the city will be highlighted by the symbolic power of light. This year’s motto “United” will be implemented by multi-faceted light installations. In keeping with the 30th anniversary of German Unity. But also in view of the great challenges that the Corona Pandemic poses to us all.

National and international artists wrap the buildings of Berlin, some of which are very steeped in history, in an artistic play of light. A total of more than 70 illuminations in various parts of the capital promise effective light magic and tell stories of light on the facades.

A highlight is, as every year, the Gendarmenmarkt. Its historical buildings are illuminated with a holistic concept and create a unique atmosphere. In the interactive map you can find all illuminations. We have summarized some of the places worth seeing within the framework of the Lichter-Festival Berlin leuchtet (Berlin illuminated festival).

In addition to the spectacular lighting, there is much more to see and experience during the 10 days. A colorful program with numerous shows and events and some innovations will inspire the visitors. For the first time, the light festival will also be available in digital form. Berlin leuchtet cooperates with two universities and focuses on Virtual Reality (VR). Also new this year is the “Light Café”, where visitors can meet artists every day.

In order to be able to enjoy this impressive light spectacle, it is recommended to leave the car at home. Numerous public transport systems and the tour offer will take visitors to all points of view of the illuminations in an uncomplicated way and will let them immerse themselves more deeply into the culture of Berlin and its unique atmosphere.

In addition to the very diverse program of the festival, good things are also done. The City Foundation Berlin together with the non-profit initiative Together e.V. runs the “Aktion Augen-Licht”(Eye-Light). As a charity accompanying program of the festival Berlin illuminated, the action contributes to the common experiences for blind, visually impaired and seeing people. Thanks to generous support, the campaign can be continued beyond the festival period and will not end until 10.10.2020. Anyone who would like to support the campaign is invited to purchase one of 1,000 light boxes (5 EUR) from the awarding offices and have it shine in the windows in the evening.

More information about the association Berlin leuchtet can be found here.

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