Corona concerts of the stars – Invigorate everyday life and put you in a good mood!

Music makes you feel good. So turn up the volume and let the concerts take place at home.

Corona concerts of the stars – Invigorate everyday life and put you in a good mood!

We sit at home, see the same four walls every day, the shocking news about COVID-19 and worry about masks and sanitizers. The music stars are no exception. They also live in domestic isolation, separated from friends and fans. No tours, no concerts, no stage fever. All major events have been banned until 31 August and nobody knows when the crisis will end.

Musicians give live concerts for their fans at home and donate the proceeds to a good cause. You can find an overview of all living room concerts from every musical genre right here!

John Legend

He shows himself and his family in private at home on Instagram and gives live jam sessions with his wife Chrissy Teigen. Despite Corona, he continues and offers his fans a music video that he himself shot at home. The music video “Last Time I Say Sorry”, shows him and singer “Kane Brown”, black and white in their own four walls.

Keith Urban

So far he has streamed two live concerts with the title “Urban Underground” in the last three weeks. In his COVID-19 live concerts he shows himself in warehouses and in the studio in Nashville and inspires his fans with a large selection of his hits.

Neil Young

The rock star had to cancel his tour because of COVID-19 and tries to be there for his fans with the live concerts in this difficult time. So far he has released three live concerts and the title “The Fireside Sessions”.


Between the normal madness of everyday life and children, the singer sits down at the piano in her videos and sings together with her children for her audience.

Curt Smith

The British singer enjoys the time together with his daughter and plays the hit “Mad World” together with her in a live concert. As a proud father he encourages his fans to follow his talented daughter “Diva” on Instagram.

Max Giesinger

The sympathetic singer has performed at two #wirbleibenzuhause festivals (#westayathome festival) together with Rae Garvey, Michael Patrick Kelly and Nico Santos. With the proceeds of the concerts the musicians help children in need.

Pianist Igor Levit

Under the #KulturTrotzCorona also the classical music fans get their money’s worth. The pianist has already delighted his fans with 35 live concerts.

Alle Farben

In his living room with mixing desk and beamer, the DJ brings the party music to his audience at home.

Neil Diamond

The singer sings the song “Sweet Caroline” in his live concerts and changed the lyrics to fit COVID-19 to “Hands washing hands, washing hands-reaching out” – instead of “Hands touching hands reaching out, touching me touching you”.

Die Ärzte

Isolated in their living room in front of their webcam, the band members jam live in front of their fans.


Revolverheld gives weekly living room concerts, always on Fridays at 18 o’clock. The band members play their part in their living rooms and delight their fans with private insights.

Mickie Krause, Gianni Nannini, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Bublé also give weekly live concerts.

Thanks to these musicians, we don’t have to miss our favourite music and see our stars in their private homes even during the Qurantine period!

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