Will Open Air Events safe Berlins clubbing scene?

Dancing to DJs in the open air should soon be legally possible in Berlin, according to Economic Senator Ramona Pop (Grüne).

Will  Open Air Events  safe Berlins clubbing scene?

In March they were the first to close and they will remain closed for an uncertainly long time. Berlin’s clubs. Open-air events could be an alternative and free the clubs from economic pressure, if not from financial ruin.

The difficulty is the organization of open-air spaces. In July, Pop asked Berlin’s mayor for help. But so far there has been no official response, as the economic administration said last Monday. Time is pressing here, as FDP faction leader Sebastian Czaja also believes: “If permits are delayed until the fall, no one will be helped.

In her letter to the districts, Economics Senator Pop asked for support for the idea of making legal events of club operators available to public areas. And as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. One advantage of legally organized techno parties in Berlin’s green spaces could be the suppression of illegal parties, says Pop.

The Clubcommission Berlin is a proponent of the idea and provided several suggestions as to where events could be held in the districts. But the support of the districts is currently still limited. Skepticism prevails in districts like Spandau or Tempelhof-Schöneberg, because it is unclear how many people will attend the events. For example, it must be clarified who will cover the costs for the foreseeable damage to the green spaces.

The fact is that the Berlin clubs urgently need help. “Organized parties on parks are a good solution, provided that all hygiene precautions are observed. This must not fail only – like so much in this city – at the authority juggling”, it was called in a communication of FDP faction leader Sebastian Czaja.

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