Berlinale completely as open-air events

Berlinale completely as open-air events

On May 10th, the Berlinale announced in a press release that the event will take place as the “Berlinale Summer Special” from 09-20 June 2021 in the form of numerous open-air cinema screenings. 16 venues across Berlin, including open-air cinemas Hasenheide, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, silent green and Frischluftkino@Studentendorf and many more.

The Berlinale will be considered a pilot project for purely open-air events. Hygiene and safety concepts have to be worked out, for example, and here also the obligation to test due to the pilot project.

Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian, the directors of the Berlinale, commented:

“We are extremely pleased with the new concept for the Berlinale Summer Special, even though we had originally planned it differently. The audience will get a very special, shared festival experience, something we have all been missing for so long. With the Summer Special we want to reawaken the desire for cinema and contribute to the revival of cultural activities with an audience. We will be able to show the programme to Berlin audiences in almost every district at a total of 16 venues, including a specially created open-air cinema on the historic Museum Island as a central venue. The “Kiez-Kino” will also be retained in the open-air version and will have an even greater presence in the various districts this year. Thanks to the generous additional funding from the BKM, Minister of Culture Monika Grütters, for the two-stage festival format in 2021 and the support of the Berlin Senate, we can now prepare the Summer Special and welcome the filmmakers and jury members to make the journey to Berlin in June.”

The programme will be published on 20 May and tickets go on sale on 27 May.

Read the Berlinale press release here.

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