FFA offsets pandemic-related dislocations

FFA offsets pandemic-related dislocations

Reference funding from the German Federal Film Board (FFA) is an important financing instrument for the German film industry. The funding is paid retrospectively if a film has achieved certain audience successes. The funding is available for production, distribution and theatrical release.

However, the low occupancy rates and closures of theaters due to the pandemic made it almost impossible to achieve the required reference points. As a result, there were major distortions between films “that started in the pandemic-free partial year and those that started in the pandemic partial year,” according to the FFA statement.

A one-time special structural subsidy is now being established for the 2020 theatrical year to compensate for these distortions. It applies to films “whose exploitation is significantly affected by the pandemic-related restrictions,” according to the FFA. “Compensation is made on the basis of the reference point values and the funding volume of a pandemic-free average year through corresponding replenishments.” Applications for production and distribution can be submitted now. The deadline is June 28.

Such special funding for 2020 is also available immediately for cinemas, but here a flat-rate model was used as a basis. Finally, the cinemas would largely suffer equally from the pandemic, explains the FFA. The deadline for applications is June 30.

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