RBB freelance journalists on strike

RBB freelance journalists on strike

In February, rbb announced a major pre-evening reform for 2022 in order to be able to produce more cheaply. This is expected to save around two million euros per year. According to this reform, the programs “zibb” and “RBB um 6” are to be eliminated and replaced with new programs. Freelance journalists are now worried about their jobs. In mid-March, 75 employees were informed that they would no longer be able to work to the same extent as before in 2022.

An action was called and after many affected joined this came to a demonstration in front of the RBB building at Theodor-Heuss-Platz on 01 May. The hashtags #ohneFreiekeinProgramm and #wirsindnichtda decorated the action.

Also many of the journalists*innen strike. As a result, the “zibb” program could not be broadcast on Monday and Tuesday. Instead, viewers got to see “Best Ofs”.  On the radio, there were fewer spoken contributions, and the broadcasting time had to be equipped with more music. The strike ended on May 05.

The website of the action can be found here.

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