April 1, 2021

Friedrichstadt-Palast starts with a new Grand Show

On Monday (the 29.03.21) the Friedrichstadt-Palast (Berlin) announced a new Grand Show. The performance carries, appropriately for these times, the hopeful title “Arise”.  The show is to start with previews from 07 August this year, but an official premiere and further shows are still unclear due to the pandemic future.

Pre-sales are already underway. But those who are unsure if booking is worth it can be reassured. The theater assures a good security concept, a flexible rebooking and a money-back guarantee.

The artistic director Berndt Schmidt announces that the show is about a photographer Cameron and his muse, which is “deep and emotional” as never before in other Grand Shows. The production of the show had a budget of a whole 11 million euros. In it hides, among others, famous names of the creative industry, such as. In addition, the show includes songs by Thomas Neuwirth (aka Conchita Wurst) and the palace’s water pool, which has been remade after a modernization.

Go to the presale here.

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