CCF 21: FMD & Dr. Marie Elisabeth Müller – Talk about “Social Storytelling”

Social storytelling has become a central factor for marketing and branding. Instead of advertising a product or service in the classic sense, a customer journey is created on social media platforms that focuses on the user’s own experience. Sascha Gottschalk, Managing Director at FMD (Filmmakers Germany) and Dr. Marie Elisabeth Müller, journalist and author of the book “Social Storytelling. How Storytelling Works in Social Media Today,” were on hand at the Content Creator Festival 2021 to talk about the topic, share experiences and provide useful tips for a successful customer journey.

CCF 21: FMD & Dr. Marie Elisabeth Müller – Talk about “Social Storytelling”

In the digital age, the dynamics between companies and customers have changed dramatically. On the one hand, people can be addressed much more precisely. On the other hand, attention is regarded as the most valuable commodity, which is not infinitely available. Perhaps the central keyword is customer loyalty. Social storytelling is a very promising strategy for achieving this. The key to social storytelling is a shift from the actual product or service to a customer journey in which potential customers are “collected” via smaller fragments on the various social media platforms. Sascha Gottschalk and Dr. Marie Elisabeth Müller were guests at the Content Creator Festival 2021. In the talk, they clarify what exactly is behind the terms and what is important for a good social story.


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Door to the digital world

Sascha Gottschalk is Managing Director and Production Manager at FMD (Filmmaker Germany). He is not only known for breathtaking foreign productions that always take him to fascinating locations around the globe. Sascha is also an expert in content productions as well as content and social media marketing. So he is there from the idea to its organization and execution, breathing life into the project and giving it relevance. Since 2015, Sascha has been volunteering as Founder and Chairman at Life All Stars e.V., which initiates social projects in Tanzania.

Dr. Marie Elisabeth Müller holds a doctorate in media studies, has been a journalist at SWR for many years, and is a professor of digital journalism. At the Content Creator Festival 2021, she is joining us from Stuttgart, where she has just taken over the post of Director “Content and Innovation” at “Bruce B.| b.ReX“, an agency for corporate communications and digital realities. Elisabeth’s focus is on helping people, organizations and brands understand and positively leverage digital transformation for themselves and others. She sees social media platforms as a doorway into the digital world. It is in this context that her most recent book, “Social Storytelling. How Storytelling Works in Social Media Today” was published by Rheinwerk Verlag, which she wrote together with Devadas Rajaram. In addition, experts from the field have co-written the book, so that Sascha Gottschalk also has a small part in it.

The story is already there

Elisabeth Müller sees the decisive difference between classic and social storytelling in the narration. While the former is always about the heroine’s or hero’s adventure, social storytelling is more geared toward a constant conversation without a beginning or end. Here, the focus is on building relationships, not only between the brand and the user, but also among the users in the community, which is not so much gathered around the product as around the story that the product or brand tells. In order to be able to tell this story successfully, a humorous and sometimes self-deprecating narrative style is needed that is visually appealing, which also leads us to the talk with I LIKE VISUALS.

Sascha also emphasizes the importance of a look behind the scenes, as this is often where the real story lies, which is always there long before the product. Sascha illustrates this with the help of FMD’s elaborate foreign projects. Long before the actual product, e.g. a documentary film, is finished, FMD documents the way there and generates an enormous reach via the social media channels, which in the end benefits the product. However, the story is not the product itself, but the people and their challenges along the way.

In such a customer journey, which can be relived on Epic Places, the experiences of the users themselves suddenly become the focus and enable a relationship with the product or the brand. In the talk, the two experts give interesting tips and talk about their own experiences. The entire talk is available on our Comacon YouTube channel.

You can buy the book here.

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