CCF 21: I LIKE VISUALS II – Talk about “Storytelling”

The creative agency I LIKE VISUALS was represented at the Content Creator Festival 2021 with a total of four people on two panels. The second talk with our partner agency was about storytelling and the merger with PLAIN, another Berlin-based creative agency. On the panel were Dennis “Rufus” Ruf, Creative Director at I LIKE VISUALS, and Karsten Kossatz, partner of the agency and founder of PLAIN. In their conversation, the two discuss the question of visual identity, the importance of partnership with clients, and the agency’s holistic approach after the merger. They also talk about the implementation of the “New Work” concepts and remote working during Corona.

CCF 21: I LIKE VISUALS II – Talk about “Storytelling”

The success of the creative agency I LIKE VISUALS is not only due to the creative campaigns or the implementation of the “New Work” approach, which Anne Spiegelhoff and Tobias York reported on with us. It is also due to the merger with the Berlin-based communications agency PLAIN, which was successfully completed in 2020. For the talk on “Storytelling” at the Content Creator Festival 2021, Karsten Kossatz and Dennis “Rufus” Ruf took their seats next to moderator Timm Lindenau.


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“Your Story Told the Right Way

The founder of PLAIN is Karsten Kossatz, who is now also a partner in I LIKE VISUALS. Already after graduating from high school, Karsten founded an advertising agency and, at the age of only 19, took over the small but traditional Org-Verlag Berlin, which still exists today thanks to a courageous decision on his part. Inspired by the success and to give his own ideas more room, Karsten founded a total of four companies in only 10 years. Among them is the aforementioned communications agency PLAIN, with which he realized the urban art project THE HAUS. The latest project is the platform “independesk“, where companies can rent free desks to the neighborhood by the day. Karsten talked to Timm about his journey and startups in the Comacon Podcast, which you can find here.

Dennis “Rufus” Ruf is creative director at I LIKE VISUALS. After starting there as a freelancer, he is now a permanent part of the agency and accompanies the creative processes from the idea to the final acceptance by the clients*. He is also a lecturer at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau. We conducted a detailed interview with Dennis in the run-up to the festival, which you can find here.

Both Karsten and Dennis studied communication design and are experts in creative processes. In the talk, they explain the importance of a partnership at eye level with clients. Creative professionals should not be seen as service providers, but should be involved in the brainstorming process as experts. This is the only way to create the necessary freedom for creative and possibly courageous ideas that can turn a supposedly boring product into an exciting story.

Visual identities

For a successful campaign, the creatives at I LIKE VISUALS get to know the product, the company and its values, and condense all of this into an identity that then has to be translated into visuals. Here Rufus follows the following three-pronged approach: “get to know your story, advance your story, spread your story“.

I LIKE VISUALS work in a needs-oriented way and try to provide every creative person with the individually required setting in which creativity can unfold. This is of great importance, especially in the face of threatening deadlines. The “new work” approach and open communication in the agency, which it has developed over the past year and a half, also helps here.

In addition to these new work models and the creation of creative freedom under enormous time pressure, the talk also deals with the peculiar experiences during the Corona crisis and the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid way of working. You can watch the complete talk as well as many other contents of the Content Creator Festival 2021 on our YouTube channel.


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