Clubcommisssion calls for open-air events

Clubcommisssion calls for open-air events

Through the (now already extended again) contact restrictions, such as the curfew after 9 pm or the restriction of people who can meet under the open sky, people are forced into private indoor spaces, although it has been shown by a study of the Irish Health Protection Surveillance Centre that 99.9% of infections take place indoors. Therefore, Clubcommission criticizes the policy decision on the certain restrictions in the open space. This, first of all, continues to restrict culture. So the Clubcommission demands open-air events by professional organizers* – also to prevent illegal indoor meetings.

The Clubcommission supports the closure of indoor clubs, but well organized events can take place outdoors without much risk.

Lutz Leichsenring, a member of the club’s executive board said:

“In hindsight, it turns out that outdoor events and meetings are the solution, not the problem. It wasn’t the numerous open-air events last summer that led to rising infection rates, but poorly ventilated indoor spaces like private living rooms or open-plan offices.”  (Source: Clubcommission Berlin)

We also did an interview with Lutz Leichsenring.

You can read more about it here.

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