Germany-No one makes more “drama”

Germany-No one makes more “drama”

6800 museums, 809 venues, 470 exhibition halls, 128 public orchestras. No country makes more “theater” than we do. Our musical landscape is the densest in the world.

Germany can look back on a long and varied cultural history. Due to its central location, different traditions from Europe still flow into German culture today. Especially in music, literature, art, architecture and cuisine, the influences are very pronounced. Read here what fascinates us people about creative work.

Every year, the federal and state governments invest an estimated 123 euros per citizen in cultural machinery – in music schools, youth theaters, chamber orchestras, monument renovations and museum buildings. For such a large and rich country, this still seems too little. In art and culture, there is a solid mediocrity that extends from architecture to cuisine. German architecture seems unimaginative and boring. Crime bestsellers are interchangeable. What we need is more creative risk. More courage and more ingenuity. The creative minds that can take Germany’s culture to the next level are already there, waiting patiently.

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